Before They Were . . .



Confectioner for the Ear on Acoustic Guitar and Voice

Andrew Corey – “I’ve Been Loving You” Audio Demo

Andrew Corey – 10 Song Set

Live at Kick Butt Coffee, Austin

5775 Airport Blvd. — every 4th Monday of Month at 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Once upon a time . . . this is how a story starts, beginning at the beginning. Andrew Corey stands at that spot. This University of Texas student discovered his passion for songwriting a couple of years ago, and he has whipped it up into the batch of ear candy that he presents live on the fourth Monday of each month at Kick Butt Coffee & Booze. His songs, known to be infected with particularly malignant earworms, are scrumptious — you really must try them!

Andrew credits Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran for fueling his obsession for writing simple romantic songs with a flair for lyrical artistry. He does not sound like either of them, though — Andrew’s guitar and vocal stylings are very much his own. He’ll smile at you, pick up his guitar, open his mouth, and take you into another world. He clearly loves what he does, and whatever he’s doing is quite infectious. Will he become legendary? We will just have to listen, watch, and see. Once upon a time . . .